Unleash the timeless beauty of wood in your living spaces with HMD Group, Dubai's premier wooden work services company.
  • Discover the elegance of our bespoke wooden creations, such as a captivating rose gold and black kitchen designed to be the centerpiece of modern homes.

  • Our craftsmanship extends beyond aesthetics, as seen in the multifunctional island unit featuring a reflective rose gold mirror and Amaze range profiles.

  • Explore the seamless integration of design elements, as we extend the rose gold mirror theme to non-reflective finishes on wall shutters.


"Where Ingenuity Meets Craftsmanship - Elevating Spaces Through Unparalleled Furniture Masterpieces."

As industry trailblazers, we take pride in delivering unparalleled excellence in wooden services for homes and spaces. Our commitment revolves around three fundamental principles - Timeless Craftsmanship, Sustainable Elegance, and Bespoke Personalization.

Explore our extensive range of wooden services, covering everything from custom furniture to intricate woodwork detailing. Whether it's a statement piece or a complete interior transformation, our craftsmen combine traditional techniques with modern innovation to bring your vision to life.

Embrace the warmth and authenticity of wood with our signature offerings. With a keen eye for detail, we go beyond the ordinary, transforming spaces into timeless expressions of craftsmanship. Welcome to a world where wooden services meet the artistry of your imagination.