Technical Services

At HMD Group, we've got your back for all things technical. From plumbing to electrician services, our skilled team is here to ensure your spaces are in top-notch condition. Whether it's fixing a leaky faucet or handling electrical repairs, count on HMD Group where Your satisfaction is our priority!

Wooden Works

Transform your ideas into stunning wooden creations with our team of skilled craftsmen. From custom furniture to intricate details, we bring your vision to life with a focus on quality. Let's collaborate and elevate your space to new levels of awesomeness!

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services go beyond surfaces – we're on a mission for a spotless, fresh vibe. From deep cleaning to disinfection, we've got you covered. Whether it's your office, home, or favorite sofa, our crew brings in the sparkle, ensuring every corner is good as new.


We combine smart design with uncompromised quality to craft furniture art pieces

We are market leaders who deliver unmatchable standards of modular wardrobes, kitchens and furniture at large. We bring you three key offerings- European Functionality, Indian Sensibility, and Hyper-Personalisation.

With our wardrobes we offer three key ranges- Walk-In Wardrobes, Sliding Door Wardrobes, and Conventional Wardrobes- we create wardrobes that are durable and customizable to create design, storage, finishes, sizes, and aesthetics that are completely unique to YOU!

Our Kitchens collection boasts of 10 unique programs that combine a large variety of materials like PU, veneer, glass, and granite to create striking effects- Boho kitchen, Chic city kitchen, Minimalist contemporary kitchen, and more to blend with the design aesthetic of the home at large.

why trust HMD Group?


Years of Experience

Established in 1986, HMD Groupsns first forayed into the hardware market of India and within a decade became synonyms for introducing the most radical designs and products to the market. With an uncanny understanding of the market needs and a widely appealing product aesthetic, the company went global and is currently present in 24 countries across Asia, The Middle East, and Russia. When you buy a HMD Groupsns product, you are investing in a brand that has consistently delivered quality for three decades


Unique Product Selections

We understand that the modern Indian consumer is an exceptionally intelligent buyer seeking value against investment. We deliver this value by offering 26 primary wardrobe and kitchen solutions that can be completely customized to create the design, storage, functionality, sizes, door finishes, internal body that YOU need depending on your aesthetic sensibilities, home style, and budget


Multi Location Presence

We have designed two immersive experiential 4000 sq ft showrooms in the most premium locations of Mumbai and Hyderabad. You can see every single wardrobe come to life, browse through 100+ finishes in person, experience the customization possibilities and most importantly consult with our experts to create a wardrobe that you would love waking up to!

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